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youth of Balochistan
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Balochistan constitutes 43 percent of the total area of the country. The province is abundent with massive natural reserves of precious minerals. This region has tremendous potentials to contribute in Pakistan’s economy. Its spectacular and diversified land mass, dilligent inhabitants and variegated culture add to its significance not only domestically but at regional level as well. Being exit point of CPEC and Gwadar turning into hub of colossal economic activity, Balochistan has assumed a vital and pivotal point for the prosperity of entire country.

The geo- eco significance of the province has also grabbed the attention of inimical forces to discredit region’s potentials of development. Anti Pakistan state and non state actors have been instrumental in sowing seeds of discord and projecting negative propaganda about the province. These sinister narratives include so called dissendent sentiment for liberating Belochistan as an independent state, deprivation of local population through exploitation by non Baloch entities and turning Balochistan into a security garrison by LEAS and specially Army. These elements supported by hostile intelligence agencies are projecting LEAs involvement in missing persons cases and are accused of unleashing atrocities on common people.

With a coordinated and well-planned effort, these anti state elements have targeted the minds of Baloch youth. Their motive is to subject enlightened youth of the province to their nefarious propaganda and use them for accomplishment of their heinous anti Pakistan objectives.

Pakistan is setting the groundwork for a better and more successful future for Balochistan and its people in addition to combating the false propaganda.

Taking a cognizence of these efforts, the state of Pakistan has started an effective and well-coordinated Youth Engagement Initiative in Balochistan. These initiatives are not only aimed at imbedding youth of the province in the mainstream but also enable them to contribute for the uplift of their own. province.

Cardinals of these initiatives include:

An increased quota of admission in leading educational institutions of the country. These institutions include all universities across the country where Baloch students are not only acquiring quality education but also getting an opportunity to gel with local youth. This integration has reduced their sense of alienation which inimical forces tried to infuse by keeping them ignorant of opportunities they truly deserved.

Establishment of new Cadet Colleges at Turbat, Qilla Saifullah, Pishin, Kohlu, Jafarabad, Gwadar, Awaran, Panjgur and military college at Sui to facilitate enhanced induction in Armed Forces. A large number of Baloch Cadets are being passed out from PMA every six months and forming part of Armed Forces of Pakistan; a symbol of national cohesion.

Creating conducive environment for induction. of locals in FC and other LEAS. This has dispelled the impression that Balochistan is being governed by non Baloch LEAs. The presence of locals in LEAs has created a congenial environment and predicaments like language and cultural barriers are removed.

Creating job opportunities for Baloch youth in Federal departments. This has given more exposure to Baloch people to interact with their contemporaries in rest of the country. Frequent postings and transfers to other parts of the country has contributed in integrating Baloch officials with other government officials across the country.

Augmenting existing education facilities to bring them at par with other institutions of the country. Now Balochistan has state of the art educational institutions which include Engineering universities, medical colleges, IT and management sciences, well equipped vocational training institutes. Baloch students are being provided higher education facilities at their doorsteps. Sardar Bahadur Khan Women University is one if the best women universities of the country which is imparting higher education to over ten thousand female students of the province.

Establishment of vocational training center to enhance skills compatible to ongoing “development projects in the province. This will enable locals to seek jobs in ongoing and planned development projects in the province.

Upgradation and equipping of health facilities spread across the province.

Organising healthy sports activities, educational workshops/seminars, and litrary events on regular basis.

All out efforts are made to develop a healthy sports culture in the province

These actions not only eliminate the feeling of alienation but also promote national unity, ensuring that Balochistan’s enormous potential is utilised for the good of the whole nation. With these steps, Pakistan is setting the groundwork for a better and more successful future for Balochistan and its people in addition to combating the false propaganda. Balochistan’s path to wealth and development is well underway, and it promises to be a ray of hope and advancement in the area.

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Courtesy by Omay Aimen – Daily Times

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